What students say


I have been attending Joe’s Kundalini Yoga class for over a year. Joe is a wonderful teacher, sprinkling bits of humor and wisdom in with the exercise program. Every class begins and ends in the same way, which imparts a comfort and familiarity with the yoga practice. The core of the routine changes with every class, as Joe has us work various parts of our bodies. He is always ready and able to customize the exercise for an individual need or requirement. Best of all, Joe shows us how to bring yoga practice into our daily lives. Joe’s professionalism, warmth and love of what he is doing shines throughout all of it. After Joe’s yoga class, I feel refreshed, stronger, and more calm.

Meredith S., Baar, December 2012  


When I joined Joe's class in October 2011 I had little idea of how much I would enjoy them. The impact was immediate, at the end of the first session I felt much lighter, and at the same time stronger. What I appreciate about Joe's approach is that there is such a friendly atmosphere throughout the session and that we can all do things at our own pace.

Kundalini Yoga works very well for me, as I feel physically in a good shape, as well as much more aware of my spiritual side.

Catrinel P., Baar, January 2012