Kundalini Yoga


Kundalini Yoga is the Yoga of awareness building. It entails breath and movements, done in harmony.

Everyone can work on his own pace, as a result the Yoga sets can be more or less challenging.

Relaxation is part of each Yoga set.


Kundalini Yoga works very well for me, as I feel physically in a good shape, as well as much more aware of my spiritual side.

Catrinel P., Baar, January 2012


Content of the kundalini yoga classes:

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1: What is Yoga

9: Ishnaan

17: Heart chakra

2: Pranayam

10: Karma

18: Throat chakra

3: Meditation

11: Ashtanga

19: 3rd eye

4: Relaxation

12: 10 bodies

20: Crown chakra

5: Yin & Yang

13: Chakra overview

21: Aura 

6: Bhandas

14: Root chakra

22: Kundalini Energy

7: Food & Diet

15: Sacral chakra

23: Breath and Relaxation

8: Fasting

16: Navel chakra

24: Enlightenment